Hedgehog Highway 'Pathway to Freedom' Sign
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Hedgehog Highway 'Pathway to Freedom' Sign

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Did you know that Hedgehogs like to travel around 1 mile within the night to search for food and a mate?
With more and more houses being built, they face more boundaries every day.
'Hedgehog Highways' are a great way of making the earth more accessible to our little spiky friends as well as helping them to breed. We can all do our bit to help put a stop to their decline simply by making a hole in our fences or walls that surround our gardens.

It is recommended that a hole measuring 13 x 13 cm is suitable for for hedgehogs to get through, but small enough that cats, dogs and other wildlife can be kept in/out.

We have designed these hedgehog plaques to be attached next to the fence hole, to educate others of the reason why it's there and stop it being blocked up in the future.

Made from solid oak wood, the natural plaques are safe to be left outside during all weather conditions.

We have laser cut a hole at the top to enable you to fix the sign to your fence or wall, please note fixings aren't included.

This has been designed by ourselves, The Bespoke Workshop, and are sent as they are without any packaging.

This is a great initiative to get your neighbors involved with, if you live in a terrace or have connecting gardens it's important to have as many participants as possible.

Please remember to ask permission from the owner of the fence/wall before making your Hedgehog Highway.

- Made from Solid Oak Wood
-Measures: 120 x 135 x 5 mm