Glitter Car Drive Safe Keyring
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Glitter Car Drive Safe Keyring

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Glittery car keepsake keyring, a lucky talisman to give to those who spend time on the road.

This wooden round keyring is double layered making it extra strong. The oak wood is inlaid with a car silhouette which is made from glitter acrylic and is available in many different colours. 

DRIVE SAFE is engraved around the top and you can choose from our pre-suggested text to go along the bottom, or if you'd prefer, you can have your own message engraved. 

This would make an ideal gift for someone who is often driving, whether its a commute or if driving is part of their job, such as lorry drivers, taxi drivers or driving instructors. A perfect little gift for someone who has just passed their driving test and is getting their first car too. 

Choose from the following text options:

1. DRIVE SAFE and let me know when you get there. x
2. DRIVE SAFE I need you home, here with me.
3. DRIVE SAFE We need you here with us. X
4. DRIVE SAFE I Love You
5. DRIVE SAFE Congratulations you passed!
6. DRIVE SAFE have your own wording engraved here

Made from oak veneered wood, birch & glitter acrylic
Measures 55x62mm 
Sent with a split ring keyring and lobster clip