How To Create Perfect Christmas Eve Boxes, Shopping Local and Small.


How To Create Perfect Christmas Eve Boxes, Shopping Local and Small.


In this blog I’m going to give you some fun and quirky ideas on what to fill your family Christmas eve boxes with. I have decided to include some of our fave small brands as we are all about shopping and supporting small, local and independent businesses. 2020 has really highlighted how many incredible creatives there are that need our support.

At The Bespoke Workshop, Christmas is our busiest period so we're really feeling like Christmas is round the corner now as we slide quickly into November!

So, it’s the perfect time for us to re launch our Christmas Eve boxes. These were a huge success last year and we are really excited to be able to offer them again. We only have a  limited availability of stock, so once they're gone, they're gone. Our Quality wooden boxes can be personalised with any name or message you desire! Check out the full selection on our website.

Being able to create Christmas traditions of my own is one of my favorite things about being a grown up at Christmas, especially now I’m surrounded by nieces and nephews everywhere I look! Creating your own traditions can basically mean taking all your fave bits from your childhood Christmas’s and making them EVEN more magical!

Christmas Eve boxes are a new tradition that our family love and makes the magic of Christmas stretch out further. So in case you have been living under a rock for the past few years, I will briefly explain the concept of a Christmas eve box - however they are totally up for interpretation!

Christmas Eve boxes are a special little gift given on, you guessed it, Christmas eve! They can be filled with basically anything you want, traditionally a cute Christmas jumper or PJ set, some Christmas films or treats.

Here are a few product ideas, all made by other small businesses within the UK. Worth checking them out further on social media. 




The Classic New PJ Set

We know the excitement we still get as adults when we have new PJ’s, especially when they are super cozy! Check out this cute set from Little Baby Boutique because, well, they can be personalised and we love a personalised gift!


Lets face it, there would be trouble if there was no chocolates inside! We came across a mouth watering selection of festive treats from a brand called Chocoloco. Check out their Instagram and get inspired... and hungry!


Personalised Christmas Decoration

Something for them to pop on the tree and of course something that can come out each and every Christmas. As you know, this is something we here at The Bespoke Workshop specialise in! Check out our full selection of designs here...

A Christmas Book

We absolutely love this brand, 'From Lucy'. They have a super fun selection of Christmas books and can even be personalised with your child's name, now that's pretty magic!

Check out their website here



A Christmas Jumper

Let's get Daddy to unwind and get right into the Christmas spirit with a fun and festive jumper to pop on this Christmas eve. Ok, so you're going to have to fold it small to squeeze this one inside the box, but we just love it! Feels like a very fitting style for the year we have all had - it's also made in UK and is eco friendly, so we're sold!

Socks of course!

Socks are the absolute classic gift for dads and grandads up and down the country! Lets Keep Dad warm and cozy on Christmas eve - check out these great personalised socks from

Personalised Decoration

As I mentioned, The Bespoke Workshop have a great selection of decorations - I hope you find something dad will love - go check us out!


There are so many cool beer brands out there. We have kept it truly local this year by supporting Stroud Brewery, check them out here                                                                                                 

Pop a can or two inside his Christmas eve box this year for him to crack open before Santa duties!


Sweet Smelling Candle

The best way to set the scene for relaxation (if that's even possible for a mum on Christmas Eve). The Candle Maker is UK based and 100% vegan, which is pretty cool! They have lots of different scents and they don’t break the bank, so you can actually go ahead and light it without feeling guilty - check out their website here...

Eco Friendly Soap

Maybe a late night bath, maybe with the candle burning? Wow, sounds like heaven! Give Mum the ultimate treat this Christmas eve with a lovely soap. We love this company, they are UK based and Eco friendly from product to packaging - check out their site here...

Not Just Any Old Mug

A Special mug to enjoy something warm in this Christmas eveWe loved this because we have all missed out on way too many hugs this year!

Hot Coco

What better to fill up their new mug with than a bespoke hot chocolate - not the normal powder we are all used too, but something truly special! We found this totally Instagram-able brand, check out their products here...



So there you are, a few ideas on what to include in your Christmas eve boxes. I would say firstly, don't be tempted to overfill the boxes - the main event will always be Christmas day! Be adventurous with them, be inspired by your own family traditions, make them fun and don't be afraid to add home-made bits and pieces too!  

As we mentioned earlier, if you can find things you love in smaller independent brands then your purchase will be putting a big smile on faces. I bet you'll find the quality is high, the styles are original and as you have seen, things can be personalised more often then not for that extra special sparkle!

Hope you have enjoyed our Christmas Eve gifting guide, would love to know your comments below. 



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