How can Mother Nature inspire our gifting this Mother’s Day?

Gift Guide Mothers Day

Now more than ever it’s time to show Mother Nature we care, this Mother’s Day lets get creative, lets buy less but buy with intention, with thought.

Time to step away from the individually wrapped chocolates or flowers and buy a gift or make a gesture that will stand the test of time.

As Mother’s Day fast approaches, we will be bombarded with buy buy buy messages, in this post I will look at how we can be more thoughtful with our gifting, by making it personal but by also making it count. Not only thinking about our incredible mothers but also thinking about Mother Earth.

As you may or may not know, The Bespoke Workshop is run out of the barn on my family’s farm here in the Cotswold’s so it’s safe to say our beautiful English countryside plays a huge role in the brand and products. I'm infinitely grateful to hear the springtime songs from the birds in the morning and to see the first colours of spring burst through in the garden. So that’s why this Mother’s Day I will be nurturing mother nature as well as my own mother, and I hope to inspire you to do the same.


Gifting guide for a sustainable Mother's day

When you're choosing a Mother's Day gift, it really is the thought that counts, buy less, but buy something personal, and if we can appreciate mother nature at the same time, well that’s a real bonus!

Check out our Mother’s Day sustainable gift guide for inspiration.


1. Encourage green fingers!

Instead of buying a bunch of flowers that will last a few days, and likely wrapped in too much plastic, why not buy a potted plant, or seeds. This way you are giving a gift that will last much longer, whilst directly gifting nature with a new beautiful flower, or fresh herbs!

Head to your local garden centre and check out the offering, choose something personal to your mumma; herbs if she’s a foodie, or a scent you know she loves.

Depending on your environment you can choose a plant best suited for inside or outside growing!

Crate of garden flowers and seeds


2. A moment in time

In a day and age where almost all our photos are stored online and viewed on a screen it seems somewhat old fashioned to have photos in a physical form.

It’s a simple one, but a framed photograph is the perfect gift, capturing that memory forever.

Get creative with your photos. A simple collage maybe, or a single framed photo of you and mum, or maybe an image of somewhere or something important to the two of you. 

There are many websites offering photo printing, with easy to navigate simple steps to upload your images online.

Take a look on Snapfish, as we loved their retro print options, plus they have some enticing Mother’s day gifting discounts!


3. Your little artist.

How many of your little artist’s drawings and paintings do you have messily stuck to the fridge? It’s tough to throw them away, even if you can’t always quite work out what they are meant to be!

This Mother’s Day why not give one of those pictures the fame it deserves. Here at TBW we are offering to engrave your little one’s images and frame the artwork.

Just follow our simple online guidelines and we will engrave the image onto birch wood, and attach an oak frame with an exaggerated grain. All of the wood that we use is sustainable and FSC graded.

Not only will your kids feel like Picasso, but you will be giving a beautiful original gift full of love, that will last the test of time.


Engraved Childrens Artwork on to wood - The Bespoke Workshop


4. All that Buzz

You may be hearing a lot of buzz about bee's these days, and the incredible role they play in conserving our environment, in short they are one they most important creatures on the planet, with their incredible work ethic, they tirelessly pollinate creating new life every second.

With widespread use of pesticides the bee's are dying, honeybees are now an endangered species!

We have found this beautiful honeycomb Mason Bee house, a perfect gift for your mumma to put in her garden, encouraging bees to come hang out there, in a safe place, at the same time directly seeing the effects of having them there as they will pollinate the garden. Also your mum can watch the progress of the hive from season to season, a super cool and truly compassionate gift.

Honeycomb Bee House for Garden

5. Write a poem

Ok, so we may not all be naturally gifted poets, but why not take some time, put pen to paper and write something to show your mum how much you care, and hey, poems come in all shapes and sizes, give it a go, see what comes up, you may surprise yourself with your words, and I am sure you will surprise your mum when she gets to read what you have written come Mother’s day.

Once you are happy with you poem/message/group of words ;) why not engrave them so they last forever, they can be hung in the hallway, so they can be read and re read at any time.

Check out our variety of products that you can showcase your words on, be it a stunning keepsake box,

Engraved Personalised Wording on Wooden Keepsake Box - The Bespoke Workshop

or a wall hanging.

Wooden Personalised Hanging Plaque Wildflower Engraving - The Bespoke Workshop

Pop over to our shop and take a look at our extensive variety of wood based gifts, remembering all our wood is sustainability sourced.

So there you have it, a fresh way to look at choosing a gift for your mum this Mother’s day, choosing to ditch the single use mass produced gifts and opting for something really personal.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and have been inspired to be more thoughtful in your buying this year.

Feel free to add any other great sustainable gift ideas to the comments!

And to all you mothers, step mothers, grandmothers, mothers of cats/dogs (by the way check out TBW pet mum gift ideas) Lets celebrate you and all you do for us!

Happy Mother's day all!

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