7 awesome ideas for your Christmas Eve Box

Along with the Christmas tree, the mince pies for Father Christmas and the stockings hanging over the fireplace, there’s a tradition that has become really popular in the recent years, and it’s a great way to light up the Christmas spirit in your family before the big day: Christmas Eve Boxes.
Christmas is just around the corner and families are already scratching their heads thinking about how to decorate the Christmas tree, what traditional foods to prepare and, of course, what presents to buy. We all want to create a magical atmosphere and impress our loved ones with a nice, meaningful gift. It’s a tough task, but we can give you a hand!
What is a Christmas Eve box?
Every 24th of December our kids beg to open at least one present early, because they just can’t wait until the next morning. A Christmas Eve Box is a box of magical goodies that will keep your family cosy and entertained whilst waiting for Santa to arrive.  It usually includes small presents such as chocolates, pyjamas, soft toys and books, similar to the gifts that you might find in a stocking.
But Christmas Eve boxes aren’t only meant for kids: they’re a charming tradition also enjoyed by teenagers and adults alike. It’s a lovely way to spread out the joy of Christmas, and you should definitely try it out. 
Here is a list of 7 awesome ideas for your Christmas Eve Box Ideas, to help you have a memorable Christmas Eve this year.
So let’s jump right into it!
#1 – Pyjamas and slippers
Christmas Eve is all about gathering with your loved ones, and nothing gets the family more in the Christmas mood than wearing a nice pair of Christmassy pyjamas and comfy slippers while eating delicious mince pies. This combo is one of the most popular gifts people include in their Christmas Eve Box. Plus, it’s great to wake up on Christmas morning wearing new PJs.
If you are looking for pyjamas and slippers online, you should check out The Pyjama Store: https://www.thepyjamastore.com/
Christmas Eve Box Ideas - Pyjamas
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Christmas Eve Box Ideas Kids
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#2 – A Christmas Movie

It wouldn’t be Christmas Eve without a Christmas film, right? Being snuggled up with the family enjoying a hot chocolate and a good festive film is the picture of a perfect night. So, including a classic Christmas film in your Christmas Eve Box is a great idea to build up the mood for the big day.

These are the ones we recommend the most:
Since they’re all relatively old films, you will probably be able to pick them up on DVD for a few pounds from Amazon. Also, if you have a Netflix account, you should take a look at their Christmas catalogue. They have a few gems there.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas - Movies

Elf, directed by Jon Favreau, 2003.

#3 – Christmas tree decorations

Everyone loves to set up and decorate the Christmas tree. It’s a magical time during which we can spend hours and hours without thinking of anything else. And, let's be honest, we all want to build the most colourful and shiny Christmas tree ever. So what better way to do it than using some beautiful, unique baubles? 

At The Bespoke Workshop we put our hearts into making personalised decorations for special occasions using different materials, such as acrylic and wood. They add a unique touch to the Christmas tree, and families love them. Take a look at our most popular baubles and decorations!

A set of six engraved monogram mini-baubles for the Christmas Tree made from rose-gold, mirrored acrylic. You choose the initials you'd like engraved. Each upper-case letter is decorated with various detailed flora and fauna, such as pretty leaves and cherry blossom. This is great way to have a bauble for each family member.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas - Baubles

Made by engraving clear acrylic, this personalised design will look gorgeous hung on the Christmas tree, twinkling among the fairy lights. It’s a perfect decoration for a new baby celebrating their first Christmas.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas - Bell Jar
Christmas tree decorations made using coloured acrylic and oak-veneered wood. You can choose the silver or gold mirrored effect, as well as a red option. Wording of your choice can be laser engraved at the top of the sign-post, along with up to eight names on the flags.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas -  Personalised North Pole Sign

#4 – Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows

Having a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows on top is perfect while watching your favourite Christmas film. Curling up in a blanket with a warm mug in your hand on a winter’s night it’s like heaven. So, be sure to include this delicious combo in your Christmas Eve Box. Your family will go crazy over it

Here’s a great online store where you can buy hot chocolate, marshmallows and other delicious treats for Christmas: https://www.friars.co.uk/

Christmas Eve Box Ideas - Hot Chocolate
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#5 – Skin Care product

This might sound like a strange gift, but believe me, any teenage girl, mother or girlfriend will love it, especially if she’s having trouble with acne, greasy skin or blackheads.

You know what they say: looking good is feeling good. So you may want to consider including some pampering beauty products in your Christmas Eve Box.

In this online store you will find a huge variety of natural skincare products: https://www.skin-genius.co.uk

Christmas Eve Ideas - Skin Product
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#6 – Christmas book

There should be no Christmas Eve Box without a Christmas book! It’s always a great idea to entertain your kids with a nice bedtime story. And this is the perfect time to do it. There’s a huge variety to choose from in this category, so feel free to follow your instincts.

Here’s a great independent publisher where you can look for Christmas books for kids: https://nosycrow.com

Christmas Eve Boxes Ideas - Books
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#7 – Goodies for the grown-ups

Of course, kids aren’t the only ones who might enjoy a Christmas Eve Box! Christmas Eve Boxes are also perfect for individuals, families, and couples who are spending Christmas Eve together. That’s why we also thought about some awesome Christmas Eve Box Ideas.

Miniature alcoholic drinks
Who doesn’t love the taste of good liquor on a cold night? Miniature alcoholic drinks are always a lovely gift for this time of year. So, if you want to give your loved ones a cute and appetizing present, this might be a great choice for your Christmas Eve Box.

Here’s an awesome site where you can buy all kinds of personalised mini-drinks: https://www.amathusdrinks.com/

Christmas Eve Boxes Ideas - Miniature alcoholic drinks

Christmas Eve won’t be as memorable without a set of colourful, scented candles. The best part is that this present is for all ages. Young and old alike will love this gift.

Here, you’ll find a huge variety of scented candles: https://www.wax-lyrical.com 

Christmas Eve Box Ideas - Candles
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Books are always an excellent present for both teenagers and adults. You can choose whatever book you think your family will love. There are no limits to this gift, so feel free to choose one you think is suitable.

Amazon is the best site to look for books: https://www.amazon.co.uk/ 

Christmas Eve Box Ideas - Books
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And that’s it! We hope these Christmas Eve Box Ideas have been useful to you, and we wish you a merry Christmas!

Looking for a personalised Christmas Eve Box?

Christmas Eve Boxes are becoming more and more popular in the UK. Both kids and adults love them, and every year thousands of families decide to get a Christmas Box.

At The Bespoke Workshop we specialize in crafting sophisticated Christmas Eve Boxes using wood and different coloured acrylics. Our personalised boxes are one of a kind, and they make the perfect centerpiece to your Christmas eve celebration.

We have a range of unique designs to choose from, all to be treasured and used year upon year as your tradition grows. 

Santa Christmas Eve Box

Unicorn Christmas Eve Box

Couples Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Box - Personalised Snow Globe

Christmas Eve Box - Personalised Woodland Wonderland

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